Introducing CENIC – ahead of its time

«Making full-circle watch artisanship available sustainably and timelessly.»
We are dedicated to this mission with CENIC Watches.

The face behind CENIC? Nicolas  Huissoud, a young watchmaker with a great love and nostalgia for watches and the art of watchmaking.

{%ALT_TEXT%} Growing up in the watchmaking region of Seeland, Nicolas Huissoud discovered his passion for watchmaking at an early age. It is a wonderful feeling to have time for his passion. He has given this feeling a place and a name with CENIC. Today, he gets to spend time with watchmaking every day. “It’s a craft that should stand the test of time and generations to come.” This is the approach he takes with CENIC.
Many a watch has already made history. The story of CENIC Watches began in a watch atelier in the time center in Grenchen. During his training as a watchmaker rhabilleur, he laid the foundation for what he does today. Since then, he not only breathes life back into old watches, but also deals with the watchmaking trade in a future-oriented way. With CENIC, he is currently able to call the company, his own watchmaking studio and a large stock of fourniture his own. Nicolas Huissoud has recognized the signs of the times: From hobby to profession, he is dedicated to the past, the present and the future of watchmaking.
CENIC wants to make watches, fournitures and the precision craft available to customers at home and abroad. In doing so, CENIC acts sustainably and tries to stay ahead of the times.
Together with his worldwide network, Nicolas Huissoud wants to help ensure that the history of watches does not only include the past – but continues to write the future.
In addition to watches, CENIC Watches AG also values direct contact. We are happy to take time for you.

In addition to watches, CENIC Watches AG also values direct contact. We are happy to take time for you.

Get acquainted with Cenic and visit us at our workshops on Solothurnstrasse 1 in Rüti bei Büren – a place where passionate watch connoisseurs meet.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here for you, full circle for watches.